Patuxent CD-336 The Mosley Brothers
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CAS-036 Joe Meadows cassette -" Mountains, Rivers & MEADOWS"
CAS-047 "I've Been Known to Cry" cassette
CD & Book 191 -"159 Original Georgia Fiddle Tunes"
CD-017 Buffalo Nickel Band "I've Got the World on a String"
CD-019 Weems Creek Ramblers
CD-020 Barnett & Mindte - Duets
CD-022 Franklin, Harpe & Usilton "Hokum Blues" reissue
CD-034 Franklin & Harpe "Doin' the Dozens"
CD-036 Joe Meadows - "Mountains, Rovers & MEADOWS"
CD-037 Donnie "Dobro" Scott - "Generations"
CD-038 - Warner Williams & Jay Summerour - "Little Bit a Blues"
CD-047 "I've Been Known to Cry"
CD-050 Frank Wakefield - "Midnight on the Mandolin"
CD-057 Nate Leath - Extra Medium
CD-065 The Maloy Brothers "Time Will Tell"
CD-071 Joe Meadows - "Cotton Eyed Joe"
CD-072 Rusty Mason - Plays Sweets, Lockjaw, Duke & More
CD-073 Steve Abshire - Come in From the Rain
CD-075 Frank Wakefield - "Don't Lie to Me"
CD-077 Reece Shipley "Tennessee Swing"
CD-079 Neil Harpe
CD-081 Patuxent Partners "There Must Be Another Way to Live"
CD-092 C.T. Smith and his Sick'em Boys - Introducing C.T. Smith
CD-098 Nate Leath - Mojo Espresso
CD-1001 ST-123 Buzz Busby - Going Home
CD-1002 ROU-031 Buzz Busby & Leon Morris - Honky Tonk Bluegrass
CD-1003 - Leon Morris & Buzz Busby - International Bluegrass
CD-1004 JJ-1 John Jensen - Homecoming
CD-1006 -FW4 - Frank Wakefield - That Was Now This is Then

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