2015 releases

CD-276 Charm City JunctionCD-276 Charm City JunctionFrog on a Lily Pad
Last Chance
Train on The Island
Joe Baneís Barndance
Greasy Coat
Margaret's Waltz
I've Got a Woman
Two O'Clock in the Morning
Bogs of Shanaheaver
I'm Troubled
Torn Jacket / Come West Along the Road
Cousin Sally Brown
Return from Helsinki
New River Train

CD-276 Charm City Junction 660498027622$12.00
CD-270 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass "Weary River"CD-270 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass "Weary River"
Darling Nellie Across the Sea
Uncle Ned
Fall Branch
Somewhere Between
Don't Pass Me By
The Letter Edged in Black
Come Hither to Go Yonder
Mother Knows Best
Old Southern Sky
Please Don't Honey Please
Grey Eagle
Talk to Your Heart
Weary River

CD-270 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass "Weary River" 660498027028$12.00
CD-267 John Colianni "After Hours"CD-267 John Colianni "After Hours"Elevation Blues
I Didn't Know About You
Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Sweet Sue Just You
I Want You Back
When Your Lover Has Gone
Angel Face
I Only Have Eyes For You
That Old Feeling
After Hours
For Heaven's Sake
Deep In The Heart Of Texas

CD-267 John Colianni "After Hours" 660498026724$12.00
CD-275 Bill Runkle "Lonely Tonight"CD-275 Bill Runkle "Lonely Tonight"
Marching Through Glenville
Kickin' the Dog
Hello Trouble
Billy Boy
Hard Times
Someone Took My Place with You
Lonesome Feeling
Cheaters in the Soup
Bully of the Town
Black Mountain Hop
Iím Lonely Tonight

CD-275 Bill Runkle "Lonely Tonight" 660498027523$12.00
CD-224-274 Louie Setzer "Jukebox Bluegrass"CD-224-274 Louie Setzer "Jukebox Bluegrass"Rollin' on Rubber Wheels
It Keeps Right on a-Hurtin'
Send Me Poppa's Fiddle
Long and Lonesome Old Freight Train
All for The Love of a Girl
King of Fools
Wrong's What I Do Best
Burning Bridges
Christmas in Tennessee
Judge and Jury
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Truck Driver's Queen
Everyone Has to Answer in the End
Me and the Jukebox

CD-224-274 Louie Setzer "Jukebox Bluegrass" 660498027424$12.00
CD-273 Brennen Ernst  "And his Hot Piano"CD-273 Brennen Ernst "And his Hot Piano"Carolina Shout
Hilarity Rag
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling
Nobody Knows But Me
Frog Legs Rag
Rose Room
Cleopatra Rag
Fiddler's Dream
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
The Original Charleston
Ohio Miss
Swipesy Cakewalk
Love Me or Leave Me
Tin Roof Blues

CD-273 Brennen Ernst "And his Hot Piano" 660498027325$12.00
CD-272 Bluestone  "What Goes On"CD-272 Bluestone "What Goes On"Moonshine Run
As Long as I Live
Step in the Right Direction
Come Back Darling
What Goes On?
Crazy Arms
What Would You Give in Exchange?
Troubles Keep Hanging Around my Door
Red Velvet
Did She Mention my Name?
El Cumbanchero
We Shall Meet

CD-272 Bluestone "What Goes On" 660498027226$12.00
CD-269 Joshua Palmer "Metacognition"CD-269 Joshua Palmer "Metacognition"
Train of Tears
Owl's Hollow
Apollo 11
Hammer Down
The Shipmaster
Pride of Man
The Dusk
The Raven and the Crow
Misty Morning
Hour Glass Waltz

CD-269 Joshua Palmer "Metacognition" 660498026922$12.00
CD-268 Springfield Exit "That Was Then"CD-268 Springfield Exit "That Was Then"No One Knows
Lonesome Wind
That Was Then and This is Now
Still My Thoughts Go Back to You
Don't We All Have the Right
You Ain't Goiní Nowhere
Listen to Me Mother
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Till the Rivers All Run Dry
Elkhorn Ridge
George Cunningham
Bad Reputation
Some Old Day
I've Endured

CD-268 Springfield Exit "That Was Then" 660498026823$12.00