2012 releases

CD-241 Scott Brannon "Your Old Standby"CD-241 Scott Brannon "Your Old Standby"Wedding Bells
Georgia Bound
Your Old Standby
Your Tears are Just Interest on the Loan
Cold November Rain
Singing Waterfall
I Still Miss Someone
Mountain Church
My Dear One
If I Lose
I Overlooked an Orchid
Sing Sing Sing

CD-241 Scott Brannon "Your Old Standby" 660498024126$12.00
CD-240 The Stonemans "The Stoneman Tradition"CD-240 The Stonemans "The Stoneman Tradition"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Going Home
On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away
The Raging Sea, How it Roared
Rubber Dolly
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Catfish John
The Boys from Nanjemoy
Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow Tree
Good, Good Girl
Tribe's Tune
Ring the Bell, Watchman
Where the Soul of Man Never Dies

CD-240 The Stonemans "The Stoneman Tradition" 660498024027$12.00
CD-238 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass "Road into Town"CD-238 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass "Road into Town"Road Into Town
Please Stop Falling
Cherokee Shuffle
I Overlooked an Orchid
Alcatraz Island Blues
Cabin on a Mountain
You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover
Dancin' with Sally
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
I Been Walkin'
I Saw Your Face in the Moon
I heard my Mother Call my Name in Prayer

CD-238 Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass "Road into Town" 660498023228$12.00
CD-234 Cory Piatt "Daydreams"CD-234 Cory Piatt "Daydreams"Crossfire
Ashley's Reel
Good at Losing You
Land Rush
Poor Boy
Ride the Wild Turkey
Sad Songs
Tell Me Somethin'
That's Just Jessie
The Beauty of Idleness
A Universal Truth

CD-234 Cory Piatt "Daydreams" 660498023426$12.00
CD-233 Dewey Farmer & Derwin HinsonCD-233 Dewey Farmer & Derwin HinsonOld Joe Clark
Flatbush Waltz
Dew-Win Bounce
Arkansas Traveler
Bluegrass Romp
The Bells Sing for Candrea
Jesus Savior Pilot Me
Over the Rainbow
Snowflake Reel
Roly Poly
Kansas City Kity
Moonlight on the Waves

CD-233 Dewey Farmer & Derwin Hinson 660498023327$12.00
CD-231 Akira Otsuka "First Tear"CD-231 Akira Otsuka "First Tear"White Orchid
Touch Of Time
Daddy Long Legs Dodging Raindrops
Pink Special #3
Bash Prince George’s Mandolin
Node 18 Conversion
Long Black Jacket
Evanston Slide
Line Drive
Blue Time For New Green
First Tear

CD-231 Akira Otsuka "First Tear" 660498023129$12.00